These BONEYARD items are from K4ZA

  • From the (SK) estate's of K4SQR and N4ZC.
    • Yaesue FT-1200 $800.00
  • (2) SteppIR 3L Yagis. Both recent takedowns. One with an EHU rebuilt by SteppIR. $900. One Atlanta SK's, which was working perfectly when taken down, $800. Both with control units.
  • 15M6DX $550.00 (6 elements, 44-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$1110.95, four available.
  • 10M4DX $400.00 (4 elements, 24-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$839.99, two available.
  • 6M7JHV $250.00 (4 elements, 24-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$499.99, one available.
  • Hoffman box style enclosures $50/each
    All aluminum, easy to work.  16 X 9 X 6 HWD.  One small 1/2-inch hole on top, one 2-inch hole in rear, easily covered as-needed. All new, never used. Excellent for switches, PolyPhasers, etc.
  • 432 mHz 16L homebrew Yagi $60.00
    Recent takedown, heavy-duty construction, excellent condition w/original KLM balun.
  • PIROD tower $100.00
    60-ft self-supporting tower (20-ft sections), recently re-galvanized, 24-inch base section, tapering to 10-inch top section. Will require fabricating new base (or you could sink the base in concrete).

  • All items currently stored in Stanley NC, unless stated otherwise.

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