These BONEYARD items are from K4ZA

  • Hy-Gain model HG-25SS. crank up tower available, recently taken down, comes w/Hy-Gain Ham IV rotator (now rebuilt). MFJ sells the required base unit. Tower is currently stored in Ohio. Asking $1000.00 and/or taking offers.
  • Tennadyne T-10 log periodic $500.00 (recent takedown, good condition, replaced by F-12 XR), stored w/elements still assembled, etc. in Fleetwood NC, home of K2SD.
  • 140-ft ROHN SSV Tower in excellent condition. Asking $6000.00 Brokering (or listing it, depending on one's point of view...) for Iowa client. Able to help load, etc.
    Sections include: 1W, 2W, 3W, VL345 (4N), VL346 (5N), VL347 (6N) and VL348 (7N).
  • TENNADYNE T-12 log periodic. $500.00
  • CUSHCRAFT A505S 5L 6M beam $90.00
  • CUSHCRAFT 13B & 17B 2M YAGIS $50/each (will require some TLC)
  • BUTTERNUT HF2-V 80/40 VERTICAL $40.0
  • RAIBEAM 6M YAGI $50.00 (small 4L & very light weight, perfect for Rover use)
  • 15M6DX $550.00 (6 elements, 44-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$1110.95, four available.
  • 10M4DX $400.00 (4 elements, 24-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$839.99, two available.
  • 6M7JHV $250.00 (4 elements, 24-ft. boom) current list on M2 website @$499.99, one available.
  • Hoffman box style enclosures $50/each
    All aluminum, easy to work.  16 X 9 X 6 HWD.  One small 1/2-inch hole on top, one 2-inch hole in rear, easily covered as-needed. All new, never used. Excellent for switches, PolyPhasers, etc.
  • 432 mHz 16L homebrew Yagi $60.00
    Recent takedown, heavy-duty construction, excellent condition w/original KLM balun.
  • 1296 mHz LOOP Yagi $100.00
    55 elements, with hardline jumper.
  • AB-105 tower sections $100.00 section
    This Trylon-made tower was used extensively by military & commercial customers.  It's 24-inches on a face, all "angle iron" style construction (10-ft sections). Very rugged. It's all W3LPL uses, for example. I have 300 feet of it on the ground in northern VA. In good condition, although a coat of paint will improve its appearance. Sections are all dis-assembled for easy transport.  Currently stored in Mineral, VA, ready for pickup.
  • PIROD tower $100.00
    60-ft self-supporting tower (20-ft sections), recently re-galvanized, 24-inch base section, tapering to 10-inch top section. Will require fabricating new base (or you could sink the base in concrete).

All items currently stored in Stanley NC, unless stated otherwise.

Cliff Wagoner, W3ZL
Carolina DX Association
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