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This page is for CDXA and MARS (W4BFB) members to list their equipment for sale or swap.  A maximum of 5 pieces of equipment can be listed on the Boneyard at any one time per person.  Pictures of equipment are welcome.  Some Items listed have a hyperlink, that when clicked will give more information and/or a picture.  Equipment will be listed for 180 days unless notified by seller that equipment has been sold or traded. After the 180 days items may be removed from the list. Items listed as they are received with newest on top. Members wishing to list equipment can send the information to .

CDXA will not be responsible for any discrepancy or condition of listed equipment.  All contracts are between buyer and seller. Some pictures displayed are NOT from the owner of the equipment being sold, but are shown for display only.

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From the (SK) estate's of K4SQR and N4ZC..
  • Yaesu FT-1200 $800.00
  • Ten-tec OMNI VII $800.00
  • Ameritron AL-1200 $800.00
  • Rohn pushup mast . . . either 40 or 50-ft... $25.00 Originally setup as a vertical w/radial ring attached.
  • A huge pile of old coax, rather than bundle it up & haul to scrap yard, free for pickup! RG-8, RG-213, RG-11, RG-8X/58, etc.
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  • pic Icom IC-775DSP pic
    Icom IC-775DSP $1100.00
    I picked up this in a trade. Tested the receiver on every band and appeared fine , filters and band pass tuning also appears fine. Transmitter puts out over 200 watts on every band into a dummy load. From what I can see this is fully functional. There are minor scratches and dings not perfect. Have op and service manuals on DVD. No mic or accessories. I am selling it because I have 3 Flex 5K's, an IC-781, and an IC970H.... and I do not need another rig. Asking $1100 + Shipping (or pick up) I will consider best offers or trades NO PAYPAL $1100.00
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    Items from the estate of W4ZAN - Joe McLaughlin. Contact K4ESE Neill - for more information.
  • Ameritron AL-1200 $1800.00
  • 68' rohn 25 tower with A4 tribander and rotor and antenna switch you must remove to ground level. $200.00
  • Rest of the W4ZAN estate equipment includes Icom 751A average shape, TS 50 looks poor works fine, 2 Astron RS-35 a, Ameritron ATR 15, 2 Heil headsets, MFJ 989C, 4245MV, 259, 116, Drake W4, Kenwood TM241a, TH205at, box of center baluns, low-pass filter micronta vom. All items pick up only-cash at the residence in Clarkton, NC 28433. All for $1000 All sold as is-where is - you are welcome to fire up transceivers or amps before buying. All the equipment was working at Marcus's death last week. I am a friend of the family and acting on behalf of Marcus's heir, his aunt.
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  • pic Henry 2KD-5 pic
    Henry 2KD-5 $950.00
    desk top amplifier with two 3-500ZG tubes, 10 through 80 Meters, manual tuning. Power supply rebuilt and the amplifier is in good condition for its age. Includes operating manual and keying cable. $950.00
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  • pic Yaesu FT-847 pic
    Yaesu FT-847 $900
    HF, VHF/UHF and satellite transceiver. This rig is in excellent condition with very little use. Includes hand mic and filter. Pictures avail. PRICE REDUCED to sell quick at $900.00 + packing/shipping.
  • pic Tempo 2002 pic
    Tempo 2002 $900
    high power 2 meter amplifier with built-in power supply. 1,000+ watts PEP on SSB & 500+ watts output on CW and FM. 110 or 220VAC (currently wired for 220). External T/R relay included. Very good condition with final tubes also in good condition. SECOND SET OF FINALS INCLUDED(used). PRICE REDUCED to sell quick $900.00 + shipping/packing (we do NOT want to do that)
Pick up would be in east NC. Might meet half way or ?? for a nominal fee.
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  • pic HyGain TH-7 pic
    Click for antenna information on HyGain website.
    Triband Yagi Antennas I have two of these that I had planned on stacking. These antennas are great performers, and were integral to elevating me to the DXCC #1 status. They are serviceable as is and on the ground. Replaced by TH-11 to gain two more bands with a yagi. $300 each picked up in Charlotte.
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| Added: 4/8/2016 | By: W4LGR - Ross | Ph: 843-707-1242 | Email: |
  • Yaesu FT 1000 HF Transceiver $ 950.00
  • Yaesu SP5 Speaker $ 100.00
  • Ameritron AL-811 Amplifier $ 500.00
  • Jetstream JT270M Dual Band 10W Transceiver $ 75.00
  • Alpha Delta Delta2 Antenna Switch $ 30.00
  • Opec CX3 antenna switch $ 15.00
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  Idle Equipment needs happy home. "Prices Reduced Again!!" Local pick up preferred in Blythewood, SC,
  • ICOM-7800 Original Owner, Current Firmware, $4500.00 + Shipping
  • Yaesu FT DX 5000+SM 5000, Good OLEDS, $2800.00 + Shipping
  • Yaesu FT DX3000 Includes 300 Hz CW Filter Digital Voice Module installed $1550.00 + Shipping
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  • pic Cushcraft 13B2 pic
    Cushcraft 13B2
    2 Meter Broadband Boomer SSB/CW/FM Yagi 144-148 MHz. Antenna is in good working order & was only removed from service when replaced with a 6M Yagi. $135.00 or trade for a DAIWA CN-101L in excellent condition.
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