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ARRL Membership Application/Renewal Program

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Are you thinking of JOINING the ARRL?
Are you an ARRL member and need to RENEW your membership?

CDXA would like you to RENEW or APPLY for your ARRL membership through CDXA.

If your ARRL renewal/membership application is sent to the ARRL by CDXA, CDXA is able to retain a rebate of a small portion of your ARRL application/renewal dues for the CDXA club treasury.

To help CDXA, just print out the PDF form below, fill it in, make your check payable to: Carolina DX Association and mail to:

Ray Weeks – N4APR – CDXA Treasurer
5100 Sharon Rd. #1505N
Charlotte, NC 28210

Ray Weeks, N4APR
Carolina DX Association
5100 Sharon Rd. #1505N
Charlotte, NC 28210
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