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What is the CDXA DX King Contest?

Starting January 1, 2009, CDXA started an annual competition among members to see who can score the highest in CQ Magazine's DX Marathon.
As we've been doing every year for quite a while now, we will be running our DX King competition which is based on CQ magazine's . The goal is to "work as many countries and zones as possible at least once during the calendar year". The rules of our DX King competition follow those of exactly, and we use their scoring spreadsheet as well.
The goal stated above couldn't be simpler. You can work countries/zones both inside and outside of other contests-working contests is a really easy way to add to your score, and help CDXA's total contest scores as well. DX King is also a way to keep up with how you're doing with your country count during the year.
The scoring is easy. You add the number of countries that you have worked that are on the CQ list of countries to the number of zones worked all during calendar year. The final scores will be announced after CQ announces its DX Marathon scores.
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CDXA DX King Entries

Ray Weeks, N4APR
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