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This page is for CDXA and MARS (W4BFB) members to list their equipment for sale or swap.  A maximum of 5 pieces of equipment can be listed on the Boneyard at any one time per person.  Pictures of equipment are welcome.  Some Items listed have a hyperlink, that when clicked will give more information and/or a picture.  Equipment will be listed for 180 days unless notified by seller that equipment has been sold or traded. After the 180 days items may be removed from the list. Items listed as they are received with newest on top. Members wishing to list equipment can send the information to .

CDXA will not be responsible for any discrepancy or condition of listed equipment.  All contracts are between buyer and seller. Some pictures displayed are NOT from the owner of the equipment being sold, but are shown for display only.

| Added: 7/11/2024 | By: N4IJ - Snowden | Email: |
  • WANTED Rohn 25 tapered top section. Needs to have the pipe on top with set screw that accepts 2 inch mast. This is for antenna experiments. I have a Rohn 25 straight section to trade if needed. I can pick up in the area, 73 Doug N4IJ, Forest City, NC
| Added:6/9/2024 | By: K4LRH - Cureton | Ph: TEXT only 704-564-0366 | Email:
  • Johnson, Viking KW Matchbox antenna tuner
    pic pic pic pic pic pic Looks to be in great shape, inside & out. Got it in trade; never used by me. $200.00 firm. Pick-up in Charlotte only. Serious inquirers only; Thank You.

  • 54', 4-section, tilt-over, self supporting, tapering, tower. Tower sections break-down: 4' tilt-over base, 20' bottom, 20' mid, 10' top. Will have to fabricate a mounting section that normally mounts into a concrete pad. $400.00, OBO.
| Added:6/2/2024 | By: W3SA - Eigenbrode | Ph: 704-821-9721 | Email:
  • Heathkit SB-201
    pic pic
    SB-201 with Harbach upgrades, power supply, circuit breaker, soft start, soft key, new fan. Amplifier is wired for 100 VAC operation. Asking $700, local pickup.

| Added:5/1/2024 Updated 7/15/2024 | By: W4YR - Ross | Ph: (704) 507-5005 | Email:
  • YAESU FTDX 1200 HF/6M ALL MODE 4.3 TFT DVS-6 FFT-1 $1000.00 $800.00
  • FP1030A 30 AMP SUPPLY $ 175.00 $150.00
  • PALSTAR AT2KD ANTENNA TUNER $ 500.00 $400.00
| Added:3/28/2024 | By: W4EDN - Heybruck | Ph: | Email:
| Added:1/11/2024 | By: W4DEE - Etters | Ph: 803-209-2807 | Email:
  • pic pic AT2k Palstar $500
    2000 watt antenna tuner covers 160 to 6 Meters with a power rating of up to 2000 watts PEP.
    Pick up only $500
| Updated:6/8/2024 | By: WB4BXW - Setzer | Ph: 704-579-5008 | Email: |
  • pic pic

    CDE Ham-II Rotor and Control Has just been cleaned and serviced. Also a spare ring gear and rheostat.- $200.00 pick up locally
  • pic pic

    Mosley TA-33Jr upgraded to the Mosley MP-33 3 element 10, 15, 20 meter beam With manual. - $200.00 pick up locally
  • pic pic

    Cushcraft A144-11 11 element 2 meter beam. - $150.00 pick up locally
  • pic pic

    Nortel BayStack 450-24T Ethernet Switch - 2 units - $25.00 each. pick up locally
    24 ports 10/100.
  • pic pic

    Cable Scanner - $75.00
  • pic pic

    Heathkit HM-2102. With construction manual. $35.00
  • View my for more items for sale.
| Added: 2/3/2023 | By: AD4IE - Ponak | Email: |
  • 3- element 6 meter beam, Cushcraft A50-3S. pic pic
    3- element 6 meter beam, Cushcraft A50-3S. According to the manual: Freq rang = 50-54 MHz. Forward gain= 8dBd. Power rating= 1000 watts PEP. This antenna was used for 3 VHF contest roves. The antenna is assembled but broken down for transport. Pick up in Charlotte. $170.00
| Added: 11/28/2022 | By: KG4TAH - Lewis | Email: |
  • WANTED M-600 meter that plugs into the LDG AT-600 Pro II Autotuner.
| Added: 11/26/2022 | By: K4KAY - Fortner | Phone: | Email: |
  • Cushcraft A3WS 17/12 meter three element beam on the ground in excellent condition. Boom 14' and longest element 25' 1''. 8.0 dbi gain. Antenna was purchased new from HRO. I have worked over 200 countries on 12 and 17 meters with this antenna. I have installed a Spider beam that has these bands and no longer need the A3WS. It is still assembled and I do not wish to disassemble and ship. I will help with disassembly. It will go in a pickup or full size car. The A3WS manual is included. I am asking $300.00. DX engineering is currently advertising it in their 2022 catalog for $649.95. Antenna is located in Harrisburg, I can be reached at Earl Fortner, K4KAY
| Added: 2/17/2022 | By: K4ZO - Gragg | Ph: 828-381-9798 | Email: |
  • KLM KT34XA Tribander on ground with NIB M2 upgrade kit to convert to a M2 KT36XA. The upgrade kit sells for $500 new and a new M2 KT36XA sells for $3000 new. I am asking $1500 for the antenna and the upgrade kit.
  • Array Solutions StackMatch II for 2 antennas with control box. This unit is NIB. $250.00
  • Comtek Stack 2 Yagi Controller with control box. This unit is NIB. $250.00
  • Collins 30L1 HF Amplifier, round emblem, with manual, dust cover and spare rectifier board. Full output. $600.00
| Updated 5/13/2021 - Added to: 6/17/2020 | By: K4ESE - Singletary | Ph: | Email: |
  • I need a hv power supply for a 4cx1000a 6 meter homebrew amp – if you have the supply and had rather have a 6 meter amp to go with it, we can do that too.
| updated: 11/29/2021 | By: W4OI - Rogozinski | Ph: 276-880-6613 276-952-7243 | Email: |
  • CABLE - Hard Line Tower Hardware SW VA Have the following hardline all in excellent condition. I want 50% of new price for the NEW and negotiable on the used. Not giving it away.
    Andrew Heliax 1/2” +/- 150' with connectors PL259
    Andrew Heliax 1/2” +/- 150' with connectors PL259
    Andrew Heliax FHJ2-50A +/- 150' no connectors NEW
    Andrew Heliax FHJ2-50A +/- 175' no connectors NEW
    Andrew Heliax 1/2” FSJ4-50B +/- 55' no connectors NEW
    Andrew Heliax AO4W 69415 +/-50' w/connectors
    Andrew Heliax 1” FHJ5-50A +/- 70' with connectors “N”
    Andrew Heliax 1” FHJ5-50A +/- 100' with connectors “N”
    Andrew Heliax LDF4-50A 1/2” 250' no connectors NEW
    Andrew Heliax F75J4-50B +/- 50' on roll NEW
    Andrew Heliax FSJ1-50A +/- 250' NEW RFS Cablewave Systems FLC12-50J +/- 150' one connector RFS Cablewave Systems FLC12-50J +/- 150' one connector Andrew FSJ4-50B +/- 150' with connectors Andrew FSJ2-50A +/- 175' no connectors Andrew FHJ2-50B +/- 175' no connectors
  • Have a Rohn 25 Fold Over tower no longer made. Includes 6 straight 10' sections one with the fold over hinge, 1 9' flat topped section, a 3' short base section to bury in concrete and the counter balance with pulley. No winch but they're not expensive. $800 pick up only in Meadows of Dan VA. Also have another 3' short base section, two peaked top sections, guy brackets, rotor plates, base plate, equalizer plates, masts, guy wires and a Ham IV rotor.
  • pic Selling out. Coax Hardline and Tower Hardware. pic Coax Hardline and Tower Hardware: Consolidated RG213 500' Roll NEW Consolidated RG213 ±300' Roll NEW Consolidated RG213 ±250' with connectors Consolidated RG213 +/- 150' with connectors Perfect Vision RG6 75 ohm 1000' spool NEW Alpha Wire RG11A/U ±100' Amelco RG213/U ±150' Times Wire and Cable RG214 ±150' West Penn RG11/U ±250' Belden 9913 ±150' with connectors Plastoid Corporation RG63 B/U ±50' Plastoid Corporation RG9 B/U ± 75'with connectors Belden RG8 ± 100' with connectors Chester Cable Corporation RG11 A/U ±75' Consolidated RG213U ±150'with connectors Times Wire and Cable RG214U ± 150' Cable Experts RG213U ±100'FT L & R Corporation RG13U ±100' Rohn AS45G Accessory Shelves TB-3 Thrust Bearing Rohn 45G House Bracket Rohn 45G Concrete Base Plates Rohn 45 Rotor plates Rohn 45G Guy Brackets, Torque bars and Guy Equalizer plates Many turnbuckles and lots of hardware.
| Updated:3/22/2024 | By: K4ZA - Daso | Ph: | Email: |
  Daso Antennas, Towers and more Website
Note: Back in the 90s, Roger, N4ZC, & I were trying to build a contest station on a budget. We did pretty well, all things considered. Part of that plan included me taking antennas & amplifers as payment for tower work. I certainly do not need to continue such action, which is why there are so many amps for sale here.
  • ROHN 25G workplatform $50.00
  • ROHN 45G workplatform $75.00
  • From the estate of WK4P
    60-ft self-supporting tower, re-galvanized before installation Mosley PRO-57, M2 6M & 2M beams, Hy-Gain T2X rotator with the digital control box, 1/2-inch Heliax feedline (still standing West Jefferson NC) $1500.00
    ICOM 746PRO $400.00
    MFJ 30-amp switching power supply $60.00
    RigBlaster PRO $50.00
    Ameritron RCS-4 remote antenna switchbox New $100.00
    Battery Charger (50A/10A & trickle charge) New $25.00
  • Ten Tec TITAN amp & PS w/ostensibly a T/R issue. $500.00
    This was one of those "swap tower work for amplifier" things...
  • Homebrew Hexbeam hub or spider mount. Machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy w/six STAUFF clamps for crappie poles. Hub is 12-inch diameter,1/4-inch thick. $50.00
  • Mast clamps for PROSISTEL & ORION 2800 rotators. One each. $40.00/each
  • Cushcraft XM-240 2L shorty forty. Excellent condition $500.00
  • M2 KT-36XA May need some tubing; I don't know. I will supply at no charge. N4AYO's takedown $250.00
  • Drake L4-B w/power supply, from W4MYA $600.00
  • Henry 3K amplifier (pair of 3-500Zs) $1200.00
  • PAIR of 55G Rotating Tower Systems guy ring bearings. Dismantled N4HBX's contest station. $2000.00/pair
  • 432 mHz 16L homebrew Yagi $60.00 Recent takedown, heavy-duty construction, excellent condition w/a KLM balun
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