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The Business Outfitters Division of Land’s End has set up a “store” page for us to order apparel embroidered with the CDXA logo. What follows is some guidance on using this website.

The web site is at

When you arrive at the “CDXA Store” at Land’s End, you’ll see the embroidered rendition of the CDXA logo and an example of one way to “personalize” the item you wish to purchase.

At the top of the page, choose whether you want a man’s item, a woman’s item or a promotional product. If you’ve selected an item of clothing, you’ll be presented with a selection of categories of items you may wish to purchase (shirts, sweaters, active wear, etc.) Choose the kind of item you want, and select a color. Clicking on the item itself will take you to a page where you can select a size and also modify your color choice if you wish. Specify the quantity you want to purchase, then specify that you wish to “Apply Logo”. You’ll be presented with the CDXA logo. Select the logo, then select where you want the logo located on your item. Then finalize the application of the logo by clicking on the “Apply Logo” button.

You’ll be presented with a synopsis of what you’ve chosen, and if it is okay, you can add it to your shopping bag. You can continue to shop for other items at this point or you can proceed to checkout. When you’ve completed your shopping, you can “Start Checkout”.

In the checkout area, you can specify any personalization you want (e.g., Name and/or callsign embroidered on your item). There is an additional nominal charge for this service. Personalization can be done by clicking on the link “ENTER SPECIAL NOTES REGARDING YOUR ORDER”.

Note: You must be very specific on EXACTLY what you want, including where you want it placed, color of the thread, and any other specifics needed for successful completion of your personalization. Here’s an example of W3OA’s personalization instructions for his shirt shown on the Land’s End Store:

Please personalize with the following text directly above the log, without the quotes” “W3OA Dick”. The third character is the letter “O”. Use thread the same color as the yellow thread in the logo.

Personalization can be up to 12 characters long, including spaces, but only six characters will fit directly above the logo. After entering your special notes, you can proceed to finalize your checkout.

The customer service people are very helpful. Don’t hesitate to call them at 1-800-587-1541 if you have questions.

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