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Some CDXA Club Activity Videos.

CDXA Zoom Session with Mike Walker - VA3MW (10/12/2021)
CDXA Zoom Session with Bob Heil - K9EID (5/18/2021)
CDXA 4/7/2021 Luncheon ZOOM session by Ken Claerbout K4ZW on the ET3AA club station.
CDXA ZOOM session with with Gene - K5GS, Presentation on behind the curtain on planning a DXPedition.
CDXA ZOOM session with Gary Dixon K4MQG, who made a presentation at the Dayton DX Dinner in 2018 on his Humanitarian involvement with Amateur Radio.

CDXA ZOOM session with Ken Karr NG2H, presentation on the VP8PJ DXpedition.

CDXA ZOOM session with Jay Slough, K4ZLE, presentation on Sable Island and update on the DXpedition planning.

Interview with Gary Dixon - K4MQG
by AE4VJ - Part 1

Interview with Gary Dixon - K4MQG
by AE4VJ - Part 2

FT8 Presentation By Bill Turner - W4WNT

CDXA 35th Anniversary Party

CDXA 2014 Shelby Hamfest Raffle


CDXA 2012 K7BV

CDXA 2011 K4ZA Towers & Antennas

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